February, 2011 Design Decorations Ideas

Get Inspired from Twilight House

Posted by admin On February - 27 - 2011

Cullen Bella Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Previously we have provided the inspiration of the house used in filming Iron Man and now we will give you inspiration about the house used in filming Twilight, the TWILIGHT HOUSE. Twilight is a film that tells of a vampire who falls in love with a man, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Twilight house was used as the home of the Cullen family in the movie. Unlike in movies, in fact the twilight house was not so creepy twilight. Twilight house created by an architect named Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.

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Get Inspired from Iron Man House

Posted by admin On February - 27 - 2011

Tony Stark Iron Man House for Home Design

IRON MAN HOUSE is this week HDDs.com inspiration from the best box office movies for your home design ideas. And the first is a house of the sequel of Iron Man which was designed in early 2007. In iron man house design built on a seaside cliff, Iron Man House looks very fancy. Houses of Tony Stark, the main character of Iron Man is a result of a designer who courtesy by Phil Saunders. Iron man house in this article is the blueprint one before used on real iron man movies. When we read the of source we get a conclusion that we cannot have this house, but we can made it !.

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Spring and Summer Living Room by Roche Bobois

Posted by admin On February - 27 - 2011

This spring and summer living room is presented to you by Roche Bobois. Roche Bobois is a french furniture company that has released its design from 2009 until now. They design spring and summer living room for who lives on small village, metropolitan, mountain view or on a garden. After winter gone and spring come roche bobois started their works and finished on summer which reflect the season.

To be contemporary is to live with the times and feel at home in an ever changing world. And there is no better way to feel comfortable than to open up to the aspirations, dreams and doubts that shape the world you live in. Architects, designers and craftsmen give shape to these influences. Our Les Contemporains Collection strives to take you home to the modern world.

Take a Look at the picture.

Design Decoration Village Spring and Summer Living Room for Home Design

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Lightweight and Simple Interiors of Classic House in Barcelona

Posted by admin On February - 26 - 2011

Workplace classic house interiors for Home Design

The interior is light and simple to make this classic house interiors is very exciting. Powered by interior designer from barcelona, MiCasa. The classic house interiors is very beautiful situated in a classical building. The house was very beautiful both inside and outside. As where visible from the figure that this classic house interiors has a very beautiful interior.

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The Beautiful Sea Views to Luxury Mansion

Posted by admin On February - 25 - 2011

Did you ever imagine having a luxury mansion overlooking the beautiful sea? surely some of you have ever imagined. Now we will present a luxury mansion designed by Wallace E. At a glance when we see this is not a mansion, but a 5 star hotel beside the beach. Very pretty look of the overall architecture of the building, where at night the lights will shine with the beauty of this luxury mansion.

Beautiful Sea Views Attached into Luxury Mansion.

Beautiful sea views is another attraction of this luxury mansion in addition to the beauty of architecture and building design. Built with an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, this luxury mansion to see the beautiful sea perfectly. Equipped with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, fabulous two level guest house and private access to Black’s beach.

Exterior of This Luxury Mansion.

Cutting edge swimming pool in hills. Awesome mansion !!

Sunset Luxury Mansion Exterior for Home Design

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