March, 2011 Design Decorations Ideas

Balcony Modern Family Apartment with Latest Interior Decor in Melbourne

This modern family apartment have the latest interior decor from dKO Architecture. They built this family apartment with modern style, touching all aspect on the room. Exact location is in Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia. From the official project description they says this family apartment is a quiet retreat nestled above the fracas of its inner-urban environment. The apartment is used for counterpoint to traditional notions of small apartment living like Compact One Room Apartment Interior in Stockholm. To allows spaces to feel like an expansive and modern family home they despite the apartment’s modest footprint, the careful selection and placement of materials, finishes and furniture.

Unconventional family apartment is presented by this architecture »

Cozy Secluded Unique House at Forest of California

Posted by admin On March - 31 - 2011

Overview Cozy Secluded Unique House at Forest of California

This small unique house is made from full wooden based, its tiny but very cozy and traditional for living space. Secluded on a forest of California did not make this unique house loss its modern style. This secluded unique house featured with white walls and natural wood is one of the most traditional combinations. From the picture can we see the house plans is very very small but on that house maybe can live up to 4 person, supported by two level floor and unique bedroom which on this roof pieces of the house. Another open fireplace in the living room is one of the awesome design which can be warming entire room maybe.

Unique house to resting on our remaining lifetime »

Side View Unique Wooden Treehouse Design from Malcolm Fraser Architects

This unique wooden treehouse design was developed by Malcolm Fraser Architects. The treehouse have a unusual treehouse design which like a honeycomb, its located in Glen Nevis, Scotland. Deep in a forest at scotland, this treehouse design have a simple wooden treehouse plans. Not like the UP 3D the movie houses, this treehouse look not very intresting one but this tree house is more easy to you to realize it on your own plans. Built on 45 degree sloping landscape, make this house design must have a pathway to access it. According to Dezeen, Outlandia developed for the association called the London art field research and a desire to serve as a flexible meeting space in the forest for creative collaboration and research.

Treehouse design : a half part of the trees cut down to form the site »

Interior Design of Modern Office Systems in Netherlands

Posted by admin On March - 30 - 2011

Exterior Interior Design of Modern Office Systems in Netherlands

ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) modern office systems interior design was developed in collaboration of Design agency Concern and de Architekten Cie, located on Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The architects says this office systems has give a modern presence. The modern presence of the office systems is the facade reminiscent of waving fields of grain and barns, representative office building, whilst at the same time being a state-of-the-art, an embassy for agriculture with a clubhouse atmosphere. The Office Interiors of Internet Telephony Application Skype’s is the another modern interior design.

Modern office systems with right placement of vast open space »

Mixed of Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor

Posted by admin On March - 30 - 2011

Stripped Mixed of Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor

There is many of modern or traditional living room decor in the world. But Kristen Panitch Design, a small design firm based on Los Angeles which founded 20 years ago bring some of they ideas to mix the traditional and modern living room decoration. They decorating the classic living room with modern style as they said on the goal to focus on bringing modern flair to classic design and creating home that reflects and evolves their clients dreams, tastes, passions, and lifestyle of living room decor. The unusual and bohemian is the main details that added to their design projects.

The furniture is one of the main object on this living room decor »

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