May, 2011 Design Decorations Ideas

Gorki House a Moscow Unfolding Modern Home

Posted by admin On May - 31 - 2011

Gorki House a Moscow Unfolding Modern Home

Unfolding modern home which integrated in a beautiful natural environment atop of a hill west of Moscow, Gorki House was designed by Atrium. The architects of this unfolding modern home were commissioned to design a contemporary residence for a young couple and their kid. This unfolding modern home has maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding pine forest landscape. Generous windows and a large number of terraces makes well connection with the outdoors as the top feature of this building.

Gradually unfolding modern home appealing game of volumes »

Inner City Living Beautiful Private Modern Home

Posted by admin On May - 26 - 2011

Inner City Living Beautiful Private Modern Home

When people thinking about inner city living they must has never looked so good at it. But today we presents one of the best modern home designs in a inner city living with its beautiful panorama and entertaining spaces. Modern home is usually offers the owner with lots of easily features, this next Brisbane architectural masterpiece shows off its fantastic features. By marged of outside and inside spaces, the modern home creates a balanced background for a modern family lifestyle. Fully featured with private sections from bedrooms and bathrooms offer comfortable accommodations that take up as little space as possible without looking crowded.

Modern home between nature and urban living »

Get Inspired from James Bond Movie Stage

Posted by admin On May - 26 - 2011

Decoration James Bond Movie Stage

Take a look at this awesome impressive Sci-Fi movie home based designs which presents a James Bond movie stage to your inspiration how to decorate your own home like this one. This James Bond movie stage home designs is designed by John Lautner which in fact the stage for the famous Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever” produced in 1971. James Bond movie stage home based designs is actually located in the Southridge enclave, Palm Springs, California, the house amazes due to its unworldly architecture. Easily recognizable which a conical dome is the main structure that become most Bond fans are sure to remember, even if this iconic building was built in the 60?s.

James Bond movie stage are incorporated with Elrod House »

10 Stylish Scandinavian Kitchen on White Colour

Posted by admin On May - 22 - 2011

Wenge Stylish Scandinavian Kitchen on White Colour

Designed by Simonsen and Czechura they was began as a small carpentry in 1994 which specializing in interiors design, but now they design stylish scandinavian kitchen. This stylish Scandinavian kitchen was developed a reputation for designing and producing kitchens with very simple lines, even in classic designs. Stylish Scandinavian kitchen are made with modern equipment and has an exceptional ability to hand. Scandinavian style was the perfect styling pattern to this white colour concept of modern kitchen.

Carpenters was the main player in this stylish scandinavian kitchen »

Main Room Small Apartment Interior with Fantastic Design in Stockholm

Today the space of living place is not important things again. Like this small space apartment which impressing by its small apartment interior features which not an impediment to living to fulfilling life. Actually located in a central district of Stockholm, called Södermalm, this small apartment interior was a pictures from an reader of freshome site. This small apartment interior building built in 65 square meters space with comfortable and natural colours spread across. The owner of this apartment describe this apartment design maybe the best apartment for singles in Stockholm.

Small apartment interior transform into Luxury Penthouse »

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