August, 2014 Design Decorations Ideas

Bleu Nature Spring and Summer Nature Tables Chairs

Posted by admin On August - 30 - 2014

Bleu Nature a french furniture design company designed SAA collection spring and summer tables chairs with nature inspiration. SAA collection is one of the latest collections for spring and summer by Bleu Nature. Represents the cutting edge of eco and nature, Bleu Nature designer Frank Lefebvre and Bastien Taillard inspired by blue ice. It consists of a table and two chairs, a type of agreement usually have a very unique design. This table is made of steel covered with white, blue glaciers bull and extra white tempered glass. Chairs, other than the white painted steel base driftwood arms that do not seem to polish much. The good news is that the tables and chairs are not popular features such as skin. This makes them very attractive for those who do not want the standard in home decor.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration White Chair Spring and Summer Nature Tables Chairs for Home Design

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Peacefully Tea House on a Small Garden

Posted by admin On August - 14 - 2014

Near Peacefully Tea House on a Small Garden

This traditional tea house was named Hat Tea House and was created by A1 Architects in Ostrova, Czech Republic. There is no modernism in this tea house, all is traditional hand made. Surrounded by natural ecosystem on a small garden, there is tea room inside this tea house. This is not a unique house design, but its a real traditional design with garden park style. The garden was small enough just with 1,80 square meters and stand on a peacfully garden. The exterior design on with this design was very amazing, thats all because of the material choosen.

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Weekend Modern House with Unusual Architecture Style

Posted by admin On August - 7 - 2014

Overview Weekend Modern House with Unusual Architecture Style

This modern house was made for two families, built by YH2 named La Cornette located on Québec, Canada. The exterior of this architecture was unusual as common house. Usually the family owner the unique house come there every weekend and once more its not a usual modern house to take holiday on weekend. The geometry is the main ideas to play by its architect, its mean they played the geometry to attract attention and the managed to do it in the best way. The house design definitely wouldn’t look surrounding with harmony but the owners didn’t want it.

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