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Having wood-based structures in your outdoors is excellent. They add great visual appeal to your residence. However, wood is something that deteriorates if not taken care of. If let to the mercy of nature, wood decays soon, grotesquely transforming the beautiful view it once offered. Rotting, mildew build-up, color-fading are some of the many problems that begin to affect wood as time passes by. If you have unprotected wooden surfaces out in the open and are worried about what might happen to your beautiful wood pieces in the open, worry not. This is where wood sealers come in. They are designed to protect woods against their worst, enemies.

The list below identities the best outdoor wood sealer available on Amazon. Go through it and pick the product that suits your needs best:


Sr. NoBest Outdoor Wood SealersColorPrice
1Ready Sal Natural CedarNatural Cedar
2Cabot Australian Timber OilLow Voc Natural
3DEFY Extreme 1 GallonMultiple colors
4Minwax Polycrylic Water-BasedSatin
5Eco Advance EAWODClear
6Star Brite Premium Golden Teak OilWarm golden
7THOMPSONS WATERSEALWoodland Cedar, Sequoia Red, Harvest Gold
8100% Pure Tung Oil Finish Wood StainClear with a tint of Orange
9TriCoPolymer VOC Free Non-Toxic LumberClear-VOC
10Thompsons WaterSealClear with an orange tint
11Rain Guard Water SealersClear Invisible
12Thompsons WaterSealClear

1) Ready Sal Natural Cedar Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood

Ready Sal Natural Cedar is the best outdoor wood sealer on our list. It is an oil-based, semi-transparent stain and sealer combo, which works best for all your outdoor wood needs. It keeps your wood safe from damaging UV rays, mold, and mildew, all the while making sure that the wood’s natural texture remains clear and visible. Therefore, you can enjoy the aesthetic presence of wood in your residence, without having to worry about it going bad.

Also, you do not have to worry about having the right temperature conditions while applying this outdoor wood sealer. Ready Sal Natural Seal can be applied in any temperature range, and you can expect the best results in all cases. This wood sealant is a humble product when it comes to the demands of modes of application. It does not require surfaces to be preset with primers before coats are applied. Additionally, you can apply it using anything of the following: sprayer, roller, or even brush.

  • No primer is required.
  • Can be applied with a brush, sprayer, or a roller.
  • Weather resistant
  • Is suitable for any climate
  • Works efficiently even without a thinner.
  • Does not leave runs or streaks.
  • Quick-drying
  • Expensive

2) Cabot Australian Timber Oil Water Reducible Stain, Low Voc Natural

Cabot Australian Timber Oil is an oil-based wood sealant that provides your wood surfaces with a 3way oil protection. It penetrates surfaces and enhances their natural colors and patterns. It comes with a UV absorbent formula that makes sure that your exotic wood surfaces live long and beautiful. This product is intended for outdoor surfaces, like decks, outdoor furniture, railings, etc. It is easily considered as one of the best outdoor wood sealer.

It comes in five wood-toned colors, allowing you to pick and choose the shade that goes best with your wood surface. Other than that, this is a water-resistant solution which means it is a lot easier to wipe the excess off.

Some people may find this product a little demanding when it comes to application. Wood surfaces must be primed properly before this outdoor wood sealant is applied to them. If the surfaces are not primed up to the required extents, the finish would not be up to the mark, and the sealant won’t be able to penetrate the wood deeply. Otherwise it will please you with it results.

  • Full-coverage
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Water repellent
  • Requires priming.
  • Back brushing is required
  • Quick drying
  • Can leave streaks or runs

3) DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain, Cedar Tone

DEFY Extreme Wood Stain comes with the promise of the SaverSystems quality and experience. Like their other products in the market, DEFY Extreme is made to help your property look fantastic for long periods. This is a water-based, environmentally friendly product that gives your wooden surfaces a natural matte finish. Additionally, it also allows the natural wood pattern to show from beneath the sealant, which means that you don’t have to compromise over aesthetics while maintaining durability. This product is amazing for wood decks, fences, siding, playsets, etc.

DEFY Extreme comes with zinc, nano-particle technology-based formula, which helps it in acting as an effective sunscreen for your wooden surfaces. Zinc particles that constitute it reflect UV rays that could’ve otherwise grayed and prematurely aged the wood.

This is an extremely durable and long-living wood sealant, which is why it makes it into the list of best wood sealants. It is known to last for a season or two longer than most of its contemporaries, which means that your outdoor woods will look great for vast periods.

  • Sun light resistant
  • Long lasting and extremely durable
  • No sanding or scrubbing is required
  • Can lose its water-resistant ability with time
  • Requires priming

4) Minwax Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Finishes

Minwax Protective Finish is a water-based wood sealant. It provides a crystal-clear, protective finish on your wooden surfaces that is meant to last long and keep wood beautiful. It is designed for materials kept inside, and therefore, is best for interior woodwork furniture, cabinets, doors, etc.

It comes with an uber fast-drying formula, which means that it dries in less than two hours. Therefore, recoats do not need to be waited on for long periods. Minwax is a low-odor, non-yellowing formula. This means that your indoors wouldn’t become inhabitable after you have coated your woods. Whereas, it does not demand sanding or stripping the surface again. You can just apply a single coat and will be good which can make you save a good amount of time.

One thing that can be a little bothering is that it requires extra attention to make sure that you do not leave behind a buildup while applying this wood sealant. If a thin coat is not applied, the extra Minwax Protective Finishes dries and yellows up.

  • Spills can be cleaned easily
  • Fast-drying formula
  • The formula sealant will not turn yellow
  • Difficult to apply evenly
  • Requires several coats
  • Messy to work with  

5) Eco Advance EAWOD 128PD 1 Gallon Ready to Use Exterior Wood Siloxane Water Repellent

Eco Advance EAWOD is an easy to use water repellent. It is a spray-on formula that offers long-lasting protection against wood damage and degeneration resulting from moisture exposure. It is excellent for outdoor wood materials, like decks, wood fences, plywoods, etc. It distinguishes itself from its contemporaries in that it comes with vapor transmission abilities, which ensure the longevity of the product and excellent substrate performance.

As, it can be sprayed over surfaces using standard garden pump sprayers, meaning that complicated complementary products are not required for its application. It features a non-toxic, plant, and pet-friendly formula, which means that neither your pets nor your plants would suffer under its presence. It is highly recommended as it is extremely durable and will come up to your expectations. Also, it is water repellant and that is why it is not restricted to old wood usage. It can very conveniently be used on new wood and yield good results. Overall, it is an excellent product but It takes this product a couple of weeks to mature on the wood and become water repellent.

  • It applies flawlessly with a sprayer
  • It is a non-toxic formula
  • Fast-drying
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be used on old wood
  • It will take some days to show the final results
  • Customers complain that sometimes, in certain areas, its water-proofing abilities aren’t very effective.

6) Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil

Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil is one of the best wood sealants in town that is meant to protect that comes in frequent contact with saltwater and harsh weather conditions. The natural oils that form their constituency are chemically altered so that they form high-weight polymers. These are particularly known for withstanding harsh conditions.

This wood sealant provides maximum protection for woods exposed to harsh conditions, thanks to its advanced oil polymers which means that no weather or external factor will affect its formula whereas, it has UV absorbers in its formula that fight against UV damages, fading, and weathering. Star Brite is designed to give long-lasting wood protection and a warm-golden-ish color that is very aesthetically appealing. It is a fast-drying formula, which saves time.

There’s one point which you may want to consider the product has some very serious hazard warnings. It is a toxic product that is not meant to come in contact with human skin repeatedly. Long exposures to it may cause cancer and organ damage. Ingesting the oil may cause death, so make sure to keep it away from children’s reach. It is harmful to aquatic life and may cause long-term problems.

  • It provides maximum protection for woods exposed to harsh conditions
  • The sealant prevents the surface from fading
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Long-lasting
  • It is a fast-drying formula
  • Durable
  • It is a toxic product
  • It is harmful to aquatic life
  • Should be used with extreme care

7) THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.042851-16 Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain, Woodland Ceda

Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain is one of the best wood sealants in town. It is excellent for outdoor kept woods, like fences, decks, furniture, etc. It helps protect these surfaces by resisting water damage, mildew growth, UV damage, and color fading. Overall, the wood remains to look young and fresh.

This product is good at protecting surfaces against water damage. This has further advantages, especially in the form of successful resistance against mildew growth which keeps the wood keep looking and smelling great.

Thompsons’ wood sealant formula is based on advanced polymers that provide fade-resistant color to woods.

This product is known for effectively dispersing UV rays so that wood surfaces do not deteriorate under sun exposure.

Although, Customers often complain that its coat wears off eventually and requires recoats subsequently which is time taking and effort taking. It has been seen in several cases that this product failed to keep its promise of repelling mold. If not regularly maintained, it might as well promote the growth of mold spores.

  • water resistant
  • prevents mildew
  • smooth finish
  • fade resistant
  • wood surfaces do not loose its color due to sun exposure
  • Multiple coats are required
  • Difficult to clean the spills and leftover product

8) 100% Pure Tung Oil Finish Wood Stain & Natural Sealer for All Types of Wood

If you wish to have a darker, richer finish on your wooden surfaces, all the while maintaining the natural feel, Tung Oil Finish Wood is a must-consider option. It is designed to give your wooden surfaces an antique yet radiant touch, without the usage of any solvents. Its formula penetrates the surface and brings out the natural texture and color of the wood, without adding any artificial gloss. Additionally, it can be used on concrete surfaces even giving an unmatchable warm finish, with a hand-rubbed feeling on wooden surfaces. It adds depth to the texture and enhances natural colors.

This product does not use any additives, solvents, or varnishes that can be toxic to humans, you may want to                  completely read the instructions so it can give you the best results.  Compared to its most oil-based contemporaries, Pure Tung Oil dries off very quickly.

If you are tensed for not finding the best water resistant Tung Oil Finish can be your most preferable choice as it is effective against water damages, but also all types of moistures generally, including alcohol, grease, acid, etc. if these qualities don’t impress you enough there is more to it, this product works great on all surfaces, including concrete, brick, and other bricks.

  • Enhances natural colors
  • Adds texture
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast-drying
  • Liquid resistant
  • Gives perfect finish
  • This product works great on all surfaces, including concrete, brick, and other bricks
  • It gives teak wood color

9) TriCoPolymer VOC Free Non-Toxic Lumber-Seal Clear Satin Wood Sealer

TriCoPolymer Clear Satin Wood Sealer is a waterproof formula that is meant to stabilize wood-based items. It is a quick-dry product that is designed to stay put longer than its contemporaries. It works great on renovation tear-outs, framing subfloors, etc. It works just fine with paints and water-based stains.

This is a non-toxic, VOC free, environment-friendly product that is not only safe for you and your loved ones but also the environment and this is why it can be one of the most convenient option. If you are afraid that the surface will result in uneven shape do not worry as this product does not require any expertise and will still result in a professional looking surface as the application of this wood sealant is pretty straightforward. Do you wish to protect your treated wood from leaching, this wood sealant is a great option to consider? TriCoPolymer also brings old and dead-looking furniture back to life by refurbishing faded colors which can play a huge role in making your furniture look vibrant.

It has some problems which including that this product is not long-lasting when it placed in sunlight so if you are planning to paint outdoor furnichers this may not be the option for you. Some people have complained that the sealer when dries becomes sticky but it totally depends on you personal preferences.

  • This is a non-toxic, VOC free, environment-friendly product
  • Easy application
  • Protects from leaching.
  • Gives a brand-new finish
  • The product won’t work efficiently in sunlight.
  • Results in sticky surface
  • Less durable

10) Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 Advanced Natural Wood Protector

This formula is designed for longevity of the surfaces it applied on. So, one can naturally expect Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711 to promise all features that protect wooden surfaces from damage, and sure it does. This product is effective against mildew growth, and color fading. With all these features, it ensures that the wood remains fresh and appealing for long periods.

Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 outdoor wood sealant is an advanced water-proofer. It is designed to provide long term protection against wood damages via UV protection and water resistance. It is easy to apply and gives fantastic results. It is a water-based wood sealant, which means that cleanup is very effortless with it. Cleanup may be done with soap and water only which will save you a good amount of time as the cleaning of oil based sealer is much more harder than you think. You do not need to apply several coats to achieve maximum strength with this product. It reaches max strength on just one coat.sometimes it can result in a splotchy and old looking surface but for this you just need to be a little careful while applying it so you can get a smooth and even surface.

  • Highly protective from external factors.
  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents mildew
  • Gives a fresh look
  • Prevents color fading
  • Water resistant
  • One coat is enough
  • Easy cleanup
  • Durable
  • It gives the wood a splotchy look
  • The color of this protector is yellowish
  • The texture of this sealant might be a little too slick-y for some users’ taste.

11) Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-8002 Wood Sealer Concentrate- Water Repellent for Interior or Exterior Wood

Rain Guard Water Sealers Sp-8002 is a great product for both indoor and outdoor kept kinds of wood. This means that it can protect a wide range of items, like furniture, decks, fences, etc. Rain Guard Water Sealer strives to prevent wood surface damages that may occur from rain, snow, and sunlight. It has advanced UV stabilizers that protect the surfaces from UV rays, hence preventing the yellowing of surfaces. It is designed not to prevent efflorescence. This is a versatile product as it works nicely for both interior and exterior kept woods which can be a good option as it works well for indoor and outdoor furniture.

It can be a hassle for some as it requires mixing water in it before applying and to get it to the perfect consistency.

  • Works efficiently against external factors
  • Water resistant
  • Prevents fading
  • It is designed not to prevent efflorescence
  • It works nicely for both interior and exterior kept
  • It has to be mixed with water before application

12) Thompsons WaterSeal 21802 VOC Wood Protector

Thompsons WaterSeal 21802 VOC Wood Protector is a commendable product on this list. It is a water-resistant product that protects surfaces from water-based damages, like mildew growth as it is a water-resistant formula that makes water bead up on its surface after every shower, preventing it from seeping through the wood.

It does change the color of the wood it is applied to, but it does so in a positive way. It is known to make the wood pop out a richer color which is a definite plus point because it will make your piece of furniture more vibrant.

  • Pops the color of the surface
  • It is a water-resistant formula
  • Thompsons WaterSealer has a thick consistency and needs to be hand-rubbed onto surfaces.

So, this was our list of the best outdoor wood sealer available in the market. Although each of the listed products has its perks and advantages, in our opinion, it is Ready Sal Natural Cedar that ultimately stands out. The only downside to this product is that it is a little expensive. However, this problem is not as significant if one considers what it has to offer to its users. This product is all about making user life easy. It requires no additional effort, in terms of back brushing, caring about leave runs, streaks, laps, etc. It also does not demand any priming of surface or wet-line applications. It works just well without any of these and blends itself exceptionally well. It is easily used and gives excellent results by protecting surfaces against moisture and UV rays. Molds do not build on wooden surfaces, thanks to its special formula that effectively repels all moisture, forcing it to form beads that later evaporate. Moreover, this sealant is dry-to-touch only in a matter of two hours. Overall, this is the best option available and must be considered.

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