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Mixed of Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor

Posted by admin On March - 30 - 2011

Stripped Mixed of Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor

There is many of modern or traditional living room decor in the world. But Kristen Panitch Design, a small design firm based on Los Angeles which founded 20 years ago bring some of they ideas to mix the traditional and modern living room decoration. They decorating the classic living room with modern style as they said on the goal to focus on bringing modern flair to classic design and creating home that reflects and evolves their clients dreams, tastes, passions, and lifestyle of living room decor. The unusual and bohemian is the main details that added to their design projects.

The furniture is one of the main object on this living room decor »

Huelsta Luxury Bedroom with Warmer

Posted by admin On March - 29 - 2011
Huelsta has designs a luxury bedroom with warmer which give us inspirations how to decorate our bedrooms. This luxury bedroom is designs in warm and natural colors which great place to relax and recharge after working a day full. The modernism of Huelsta collections such as bedrooms are great addition to houses decorated in most styles. We spent most of our time in bedrooms with closed eyes, but despite of that waking up in warm decorated bedroom will be better and more refreshing than waking up for most people. Some poeple of course think that huelsta luxury bedroom are more modern and choose them.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration White Luxury Luxury Bedroom with Warmer for Home Design

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Nature Spring Decor Inspired by Amenity

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2011

Amenity a company that specializes in home decorating today gives us the inspiration to decorate our homes this spring. Seen from the shape and style of decorating, amenity using natural elements symbolized in the image of leaves in spring. Selection of color in this decoration also very appropriate with the theme of spring which is more dominated by brownish yellow color that symbolizes the falling leaves. Selection of major furniture also feels very fit which is dominated by the white color is perfect with a brownish yellow color in the decoration of earlier.

Picture of Nature Spring Decor Inspired by Amenity

Wallpaper Nature Spring Decor for Home Design

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Artistic and Cheap Basement Walls Decor

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2011

This basement art project was started by Charlie Kratzer in south Lexington. Surrounded by walls painted with classic cream. He drawn a lot of famous art pieces and bought magic maker with Sharpie only for $10 and after the place become drawn all over.The Walrus and the Carpenter (from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There), Salon by Picasso Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and others could be found on Charlie’s basement walls. Isn’t that cool that if you have such good drawing school you can decorate your walls so cheap?

Take a Look at the Picture.

Design Decoration artistic basement wall decor on living room for Home Design

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Spring 2011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Decor – Part 1

Posted by admin On March - 16 - 2011

Red Appliance Luxury Modern Bathroom for Home Design

On this 2011 spring Cerasa, an italian company released their modern bathroom decor based on luxury bathroom style. Spring 2011 bathroom was many people search on our site, and now we share this luxury modern bathroom ideas on many part. Luxury bathroom was our dream, when we take a bath on this kind of bathroom of course our feel gona relax and comfy. No one we get that all without planning to get some luxury bathroom on their demand. On this part not only expose how luxurious this bathroom, but it’s furniture too.

Elegant furniture attached on Luxury Modern Bathroom »

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