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Wood Interior and Exterior of Sustainable Home in California

Posted by admin On August - 23 - 2015

Overview Wood Interior and Exterior of Sustainable Home in California

Must see sustainable home with wooden interior and exterior is presents to you by San Francisco-based SB Architects. The perfect design was offers by this sustainable home which located in california. This sustainable home actually located in a hillside on california with a simple name that expresses both the natural surroundings and natural materials used for construction. Amazing Full Wooden Based Contemporary Home is one of the basic design of like this home. The sustainable home building is certified as the first LEED for Homes Platinum custom home in Marin County.

Sustainable home which mixing wood on all features »

Inspiring Renovated Vineyard Country Home in California

Posted by admin On August - 5 - 2015

Entrance Inspiring Renovated Vineyard Country Home in California

After writing another Vineyard Modeling in Portugal Luxury Villas we presents another vineyard design in country home models. This beautiful vineyard country home is located on St. Helena, California. This country home is not a new one, its a redesigned or renovated from the old country home become the new one. Has redesigned by Schneider Design Associates collaborate with Jean Larrette Interior Design. When the owners call the designer he just wants to only renovate its kitchen and a bedroom, but the designers was ended up optimizing the design of the entire home and adapting it to its beautiful vineyard surroundings.

Vineyard is has most the role when renovating the county home »

Awesome Renovation of Old Home into Villa in Rotterdam

Posted by admin On June - 6 - 2015

Overview Awesome Renovation of Old Home into Villa in Rotterdam

Still dreaming to renovate your own old home? have enough money but did not have any ideas to make over the old home? today we presents an awesome renovation of old home into a villa which located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The renovation of old home need to be designed by true home designer, like this villa which designed by Ooze. This renovation of old home make a new villa with expressive architectural residence recreated with the spirit of the surroundings in mind. Like Contemporary Modern Family Home by Stadshem, they used contemporary style into an old home.

Renovation of old home in 1991 into latest modern design »

Beautiful Nature Based Family Home in San Francisco

Posted by admin On May - 21 - 2015

Overview Beautiful Nature Based Family Home in San Francisco

This is the one of the best family home we ever seen. It’s look very beautiful with the natural based main materials of the family home. This family home is one of Feldman Architecture works, they redecorated an old cottage in San Francisco and turned it into a beautiful family home. They say this building is one of the oldest houses in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood which first built in 1860?s cottage sat in disrepair for years. Feldman’s goal is to repair, expand and modernize the small, dark house while maintaining the nature based of the original building.

Kept the natural in best family home with the facade »

Inspiring 18th Century Style of Classic Country Home

Posted by admin On May - 11 - 2011

Overview Inspiring 18th Century Style of Classic Country Home

This classic country home which designed in 18th century style was presented by Penelope Bianchi located in Santa Barbara and was so clasy on every side of the home. Actually this classic country home is built in just 15 years ago but the classic design made it look like a 18th century home which has been around for generations. The classic country home is one of famous home design in environtment of artist. They really like classic because its so sweet to applied. Like Contemporary Winter House Featuring Cozy Warm Interior which bring contemporary style in winter house in winter time to warming the owner.

Bianchi is fond of the design of this Classic Country Home »

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