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Vineyard Modeling in Portugal Luxury Villas

Posted by admin On July - 27 - 2015

Viewed from the Vineyard Modeling in Portugal Luxury Villas we can conclude that a villa can be built in a vineyard. In modeling the villa is seen that the vineyard is a beautiful decoration for the villa page. Villa was built in a project undertaken by L’AND and until now still under construction. This project will build the 5 types of villas in a plantation in the area of Europe and is expected to give a different impression in natural shades.

Picture of Vineyard Modeling in Portugal Luxury Villas

Top Vineyard Luxury Villas for Home Design

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Luxury Wood and Stone Based Spring Home

Posted by admin On July - 17 - 2015

Come spring, with bright sunlight shining on the earth. Luxury wood and stone based spring home is one of the best choice to design and decor our home. Luxury wood and stone based spring home below inspired us how to design and modeling a spring home. Wood and stone elements is inherent in this design. Wood as the main element of a house stuck on the whole house from the foundation, pillars, roof and walls and mostly on the exterior. While in the interior more on garnished with rock elements. Stone as a complementary element affixed to the walls of the house makes a solid impression on the house.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration Wood and Stone Spring Home for Home Design

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Overview Night Californian Luxury Home with Lot of Features in Los Angeles

Luxury home is all people dreams to live on it, for some people who have much money to buy this awesome Californian real estate is no problems to realize it. The main material of this luxury home is based from concrete, glass and stainless steel, this special featured estates is located at 9909 Beverly Groove, in Los Angeles, California. This luxury home is strength built on 7.500 square foot which will get and overwhelming feeling of modernism and freedom. Luxury Villa with Gold Color Dominated in Spanish Coast is one of this luxury real estates friends which built as private home with lots of features.

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Majestic Luxury Home with Six Bedroom in Australia

Posted by admin On April - 16 - 2011

Overview Majestic Luxury Home with Six Bedroom in Australia

This majestic luxury home was named The Albatross Residence and was designed by Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects) and is located in Queensland, Australia. This luxury home featured by six real estate class bedroom. The luxury home design is adapted from castle design which bring privacy to owner of home. Like Interesting Interior of Stockholm Rental Apartment, this real estate is offered an apartment design on inside the room. Which bring modern interior and exterior with green garderning decoration.

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Luxury Villa with Gold Color Dominated in Spanish Coast

Posted by admin On April - 10 - 2011

Overview Luxury Villa with Gold Color Dominated in Spanish Coast

A luxury villa was built on beautiful Spanish coast which embedded with gold color and the true value of modern luxurious design. But thats all is not gold which dosen’t apply to this luxury villa which called Villa Colani on Spanish island of Majorca. This luxury villa was truely inspired by famous designer Luigi Colani, and now was classified on eBay for $28 million as luxury villa for sale, after finished in 2009. This was a very luxurious and comfort villa which built on landspace about 1,230 square feet with 24 carat gold used in the swimming pool and house. A remote that controlled every appliance, curtains and security system of the home with the swarovski crystal panels in the select colani door.

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