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Delightful Fragrant Restaurant Interior of Jardin De Jade

Posted by admin On August - 27 - 2015

Large Table Delightful Fragrant Restaurant Interior of Jardin de Jade

Awesome delightful fragrant restaurant interior place was discovered in heart of a new zone in Hangzhou, China. This delightful fragrant restaurant interior was designed in the concept of “Sweet Osmanthus” (Guihao). Decoration of small simple pattern flower with a delightful fragrant that symbolize a breezy, young and vivacious personality in use to attract the interest of younger group of people. The delightful fragrant restaurant interior was made with sparkling wall decoration concept which bring lighting effects on the hagging lamp.

Delightful fragrant restaurant interior is the main concept »

Best Bar Like Home Designs to Your Inspirations

Posted by admin On June - 4 - 2011

Luxury Best Bar Like Home Designs to Your Inspirations

For people who likes cocktail or drink this bar like home will be the perfect choise when planning a new home. There is some best of bar like home design to inspire you if want to decorate your own home like a bar. Bar like home is one of the most people search to apply at their home when welcoming their guest. To direct to some more sources of inspirations in case these you need more of this inspirations which full filled by many elements of home designing ideas.

Perfect for all the meaning of bar like home »

Excellent Interior of a Restaurant Design in Netherland

Posted by admin On March - 7 - 2011

Customer Excellent Interior of a Restaurant Design

This inspirational restaurant design is named Pure C, not only a restaurant but it is a bar too. Located on Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands and build by architects named Lieven Musschoot. The restaurant design presented for meeting people and who wants enjoying a cup of their favourite drink. The main intresting thing about this restaurant design is the views of restaurant. Presented a beautiful views of north sea bring this restaurant become one of many best restaurant design on netherland.

Restaurant design for family and friends relaxation place »

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