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Contemporary Interior of Modern City Residence

Posted by admin On July - 29 - 2015

Dinning Room Contemporary Interior of Modern City Residence

This modern city residence is maybe a awesome apartment or an super cool home with contemporary interior which located on a city. For people who like the taste of contemporary interior on its modern home, this interior ideas may fulfill their wants. The contemporary interior is the main concept in this modern city residence, which include with furniture, wall decor and room design. There is another Nature Based Contemporary Home Result of 80′s House Renovation for people wants their contemporary home with natural decor. Maybe if you have this modern city residence that’s is your dream which can used lot of features in city residence.

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Charming Beauty of an Artist Home Interior

Posted by admin On July - 10 - 2015

Living Room Charming Beauty of an Artist Home Interior

This beautiful home interior is owned by Carouschka Streijffert a swedish artist. He built this home by combining different geometry sense to increase the user experience. The design of this home is very clean decoration, with white color dominating the main color. The nature sculptural of the space plays with the observer’s feeling of expectancy. There is many charming beauty unique painting and furniture on this charming home interior. Another feature is a focal point is the stepped chimney which both hides the stairs and leads you to them.

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Contemporary Modern Family Home by Stadshem

Posted by admin On May - 19 - 2015

Living Room Contemporary Modern Family Home by Stadshem

This family home was a nicely renovated four in the heart of royal farm in Sweden. This home is one of the best family home ever seen with contemporary interior decoration. For family which live in this home they must very attracted with the decoration of this family home. Like Beatiful Top Modern Cocktail Apartment by Stadshem, they bring the awesomeness design into interior of every side on this home. The apartment has original features such as moldings and paneled doors. All rooms have wooden floors prepared and coated with light gray color.

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Modern Classy Home Interior with Ceilings in Stockholm

Posted by admin On December - 17 - 2014

Living Room Modern Classy Home Interior with Ceilings in Stockholm

This modern classy home interior was one of the amazing loft interior which located on the top floor of a very attractive building on one of the most desired addresses in Stockholm. The classic style on the modern classy home interior was used because the building was built in 1885 so the 300 square meter loft features 16 feet ceilings. With the modern classy home interior we can feel the taste of classic furniture mixed on modern interior design. Like this Contemporary Wooden Table with Spiral Footer, it can be better on the living room.

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Casual Home Interior with Cozy Simple Style in Sweden

Posted by admin On May - 12 - 2011

Family Casual Home Interior with Cozy Simple Style in Sweden

One of the most casual interior was bring to real life, they claim The Swedes are the best ones when creating casual style interior and spaces. Casual home interior is made from high creativity, good ideas and of course hard works which they reflect from this interior. This casual home interior actually located in Sweden, but designed of this cozy and simple style interior still unknown whatever because the style of interior was so amazing. Mixed from casual and simple cozy style, this casual home interior bring realxing life to its owner and will be a perfect gift to guests when visiting this home. Combined from many materials of nature made this home looks so awesome.

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