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Google Office at Pittsburgh Is a Old Biscuit Factory

Posted by admin On August - 29 - 2015

A old biscuit factory has recycled magically into a google office by Strada in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State, US. The design of Google’s Pittsburgh office resulted from a process that focused on clearly understanding and identifying the unique workplace culture and needs of the local Googlers. Strada conducted extensive research on how the average Googler perceives his office while coming up with the redesign. Assigned with the task of breathing Googleness into a space that had little to do with technology (or people for that matter).

Take a Look at the Picture.

Design Decoration Workplace Google Office at Pittsburgh for Home Design

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Apple Based Workspaces for Creative Designer

Posted by admin On March - 28 - 2011

Apple Inc as big computer company design the product with stylish and elegant models. We need to collaborate what apple give to us with the cool workspaces. Apple products is dominating by white and silver color, we try to put that color on our workspace designs. But natural color is not a bad idea to collaborate with.

Take a Look at the pictures.

Design Decoration Wooden Workspaces for Creative Designer for Home Design

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Collection of Unconventional Workspace Inspiration

Posted by admin On March - 15 - 2011
Simple Collection of Unconventional Workspace Inspiration

This is some of Internet collection of unconventional workspace inspiration which can inspire us how to design and decor our own unconventional workspace.  This unconventional workspace we found across the Internet, we looking for some good stuff to present to our reader. The designer of this  office workspace was generally unnamed when we found. They give us inspiration how to decor a unconventional workspace on simple, clean and colorful place for our business or office workspace. Some of this inspirations using apple device on their visualization, maybe because the apple device look more beautiful and mixed to the room.

Contemporary modern style embedded on unconventional workspace »

Unconventional Space Visualization for Office Design

Posted by admin On March - 11 - 2011

Grand White Unconventional Space Visualization for Office Design

Not like other office design, this unconventional office have space did not usually for other office design. This unconventional space office design was visualizing by russian designer Stanislav Orekhov, people maybe know his have an exceptional CG visualization skill in life like environment rendering. Based on another office design, the difference of this design was on space used and the furniture. Space is not a problem maybe because on picture there all office is using very large of space and stuff it with modern luxury furniture. The chair, desk and other is not as conventional office, they give this office space a awesome furniture.

Office design that will be an actual office with awesome interior »

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