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Glamour Sixties Modern Contemporary Home Design

Posted by admin On August - 19 - 2015

Front Glamour Sixties Modern Contemporary Home Design

Still looking for sixties glamour home style which contemporary until this day. This contemporary home is named Camelot was built on 1968 on Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia. The contemporary home applied open plan design style which have high functionality and streamlined interior decor. Some unusual feature are offers by this contemporary home. A skylight koi pond, internal rain forest garden and hideaway study is one of them. This contemporary home plans was give very timeless contemporary home design ideas for people who read it.

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Natural Contemporary Home at City with Green Garden

Posted by admin On July - 21 - 2015

Overview Natural Contemporary Home at City with Green Garden

What an gorgeous green contemporary home with wooden interior design was presented by Canadian architect Paul Bernier. He makes this home designs looks very fantastic clean with natural style, green garden and wooden interior and exterior design. This contemporary home was located on a city not in a village as our tought. Real location is on Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood of Montreal, Canada. The home was named Bernier-Thibault House. The designer want to create a house filled with natural light, appeasing, and thought with the day-to-day life in mind. So they extended the home space and preserve the quality of the green garden while working around the various zoning by laws.

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Contemporary Home at Mixed-Use Townhouse in LA

Posted by admin On February - 1 - 2014

Front Contemporary Home at Mixed-Use Townhouse in LA

This is a contemporary home at mixed-use townhouse, build side by side with commercial place did not make this contemporary home like a shop. This contemporary home located on Venice, California and designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects which bring contemporary style for home beside commercial place on a mixed-use townhouse. The building was original and eye-catched for some people looking at this home plans. This mixed-use project was built on the middle of a stretch along the boulevard for its many recent examples of architectural experimentation.

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Beautiful Decor of Natural Contemporary House

Posted by admin On April - 16 - 2011

Miraventos is the name of this beautiful house, built by Eduardo Trigo de Sousa working with ComA from Palmela, Portugal makes this house the only house terraced and surrounded by the natural topography and cork trees without any tilt between the main room. This house looks very beautiful in the show with the establishment of harmony among the living. This house has a basement that is used as a garage and a public restroom. The typical architecture of this house, ie, every geometric shape can flow and is associated with the natural surroundings.

Picture of Beautiful Decor of Natural Contemporary House

Walkpath Natural Contemporary House for Home Design

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Backyard Nature Based Contemporary Home Result of 80's House Renovation

David Guerra a Brazilian architect was renovated a 1980 house with very carefully become an awesome contemporary home that bring nature into the exterior and interior design. The other Sustainable Modern Home with Green Concept in Los Angeles is another contemporary home ideas that embed with modern style and green garden concept. The main goal of the architect of this contemporary home is he wants to make the exterior and interior integration bigger, making the garden is used every day, more lighting to the rooms that used to be too dark.

Contemporary home after renovating still not trash the 80's style »

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