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Spring 2011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Decor – Part 1

Posted by admin On March - 16 - 2011

Red Appliance Luxury Modern Bathroom for Home Design

On this 2011 spring Cerasa, an italian company released their modern bathroom decor based on luxury bathroom style. Spring 2011 bathroom was many people search on our site, and now we share this luxury modern bathroom ideas on many part. Luxury bathroom was our dream, when we take a bath on this kind of bathroom of course our feel gona relax and comfy. No one we get that all without planning to get some luxury bathroom on their demand. On this part not only expose how luxurious this bathroom, but it’s furniture too.

Elegant furniture attached on Luxury Modern Bathroom »

Spring 2011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Decor – Part 2

Posted by admin On March - 2 - 2011

Wood Luxury Modern Bathroom

Previously we has write about spring 2011 luxury modern bathroom decor – part 1, and now we will resumed to part 2 of this luxury modern bathroom decor on spring 2011. However the luxury modern bathroom decor they still attached with luxury style, still with same designer Cerasa an Italian bathroom spesialist designer company. On this luxury bathroom design Cerasa keep their style with attached some ideas with colorfull color on the furniture. With white and bricked stone wall they decor this bathroom naturally with modern luxury style. By taking some inspiration from this design maybe will take you to design your own bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom recommendation from Cerasa »

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