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Cozy Airy Feel Two Bedrooms Apartment in Stockholm

Posted by admin On August - 31 - 2015

Cozy Airy Feel Two Bedrooms Apartment in Stockholm

Planned very well as two bedrooms apartment, this cozy airy feel apartment is actually located in Stockholm with bright color touching all aspect. This two bedrooms apartment is featuring by generous windows that offer natural light throughout the day. Covered by oak hardwood floors, this two bedrooms apartment is shining brightly while displaying a comfortable floor plan. Designer was very carefully when placing the storage place in this spacious apartment. A glass door was connected the living room and the two bedrooms in this apartment.

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Retro Interior of Space Saving Small Apartment in Minisk

Posted by admin On August - 2 - 2015

Main Room Retro Interior of Space Saving Small Apartment in Minisk

Architects Irina and Anna Sokolov was designed a retro style interior in a small apartment with space saving technique effectively. Small apartment was not a problem by this cools designer duets, they markup a small apartment of 70 square meters become a retro style with beautiful interior inside. Actually located in Minisk, Russia this retro apartment design come with fine interior with nice retro style details. If they attached Collections of Comfortable Built in Window Seat, maybe will completing this awesome space saving apartment.

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Simple and Clean Style of Modern Small Apartment Interior

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2011

Living Room Simple and Clean Style of Modern Small Apartment

In Stockholm’s Stora Nygatan Street there was a beautiful small apartment with 75 sqm space situated on the 4th and last floor of a 1800s building. The small apartment give us a simple and clean interior design ideas with modern style of furniture and other stuff. For small apartment the space for living is the most important thing, because of that they always try to save their apartment space with Space Saving with Modern Small Home style. The apartment decorating is very simple and clean with white wall paint colors.

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Small Space Contemporary Modern Apartment Interior

Posted by admin On March - 9 - 2011

White Living Room Small Space Contemporary Modern Apartment Interior

Today the best design of small space contemporary modern apartment interior we presents to you for your apartment interior design ideas. Apartment interior was the crucial important thing for our apartment, Pracownia 3D designer of this interior design ideas give us awesome inspiration to decorating our own apartment. This small apartment was used very small space and maximize that space into awesome interior design. For people who like luxury interior, this design ideas is your perfect choice. Mixing color, wall decor, furniture design as the main minimalist interior design ideas for this small apartment.

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Red White Small Apartment Interior in Paris

Posted by admin On March - 7 - 2011

Bedroom Red White Small Apartment Interior

A small apartment located in Montmatre, Paris has awesome design ideas was makes our eyes keep looking on. Dominating with red and white color, this small apartment interior give us inspiration to design or decor our apartment with small space. Using 25 square meters and consists of a single room this small apartment interior was designed very beautiful by SWAN architect. The small apartment interior design can we see from the merger of bedroom, living room and kitchen into one room at this small apartment. The apartment decorating was very beautiful with red and white color, not only the interior but the other stuff too.

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