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A old biscuit factory has recycled magically into a google office by Strada in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State, US. The design of Google’s Pittsburgh office resulted from a process that focused on clearly understanding and identifying the unique workplace culture and needs of the local Googlers. Strada conducted extensive research on how the average Googler perceives his office while coming up with the redesign. Assigned with the task of breathing Googleness into a space that had little to do with technology (or people for that matter).

Take a Look at the Picture.

Design Decoration Workplace Google Office at Pittsburgh for Home Design

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Receptional Office Interiors of Internet Telephony Application Skype’s

One of the famous Internets telephony application Skype’s bring one of its office interiors to public. Skype north american headquarters which set themselves side by side with their opponent’s in the Bay area, Palo Alto California. When the office interiors project is began and planning, there was discovered about the site had more to contribute than was originally thought. The site was very friendly for with industrial style design, with the hidden high ceilings that can increasing the scope for inventiveness. This office interiors is not like the Google Office at Pittsburgh which used a old biscuit factory to rebuild their office.

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Small 10 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas with Relaxing Feel

Bathroom wall decor with art deco style is an eclectic artistic and design style taht began in paris in 1920s. Today many popular luxury residences and hotels used this bathroom wall decor to impress their bathroom because its represents elegance, glamour, modernity and even functionality. This kind of bathroom wall decor have a weakness which it’s hard to find good furniture in that style that won’t cost you a fortune you still can do that. For many people who like the artistic style this kind of wall decor at their bathroom will impress their entire life.

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Grand White Unconventional Space Visualization for Office Design

Not like other office design, this unconventional office have space did not usually for other office design. This unconventional space office design was visualizing by russian designer Stanislav Orekhov, people maybe know his have an exceptional CG visualization skill in life like environment rendering. Based on another office design, the difference of this design was on space used and the furniture. Space is not a problem maybe because on picture there all office is using very large of space and stuff it with modern luxury furniture. The chair, desk and other is not as conventional office, they give this office space a awesome furniture.

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Main Room Home Office with Cozy and Stylish Interior of Natural Wood

Today many of people was work at their home without makin any office anymore because work at home is great where we dont need to go anywhere, dont need hurry and work with comfort at home. And now there is an cozy and stylish interior design which made from natural wood of home office. The home office was growing to be famous place to work every day and this interior design of home office will be inspired you how to decorating and designing you home become an home office. Like another wooden based interior this office was made from natural wood and keep its natural colors.

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Contemporary Wooden Table with Spiral Footer

A contemporary wooden table set was designed by Brooklyn-based designer Paul Loebach, he named this table The Watson Table. This wooden table was shows on Paul debut during the Milan Design Week 2011. Wooden table that designed from creative ideas with spiralized the footer of the table. For Wood Interior and Exterior of Sustainable Home [...]

Stylish Modern Home As Townhouse in Serbia

Usually modern home at town is dominated by townhouse which is a complex and comfortable home that have commonly walls. There is a modern homes created by architects Dayne Milkovich and Jovan Mitrovich with a system of townhouses at center of Belgrade, Serbia. Most of you maybe will judge this home design as unusual modern [...]

Small Space Apartment with One Bedroom and Cozy Open Floor

This small space apartment just have 47 square meters of space to present the bright colors, lots of natural light and cozy feeling of living. This small space apartment actually located on third floor of Goteborg’s Linnéstaden neighbourhood in Stockholm. This small space apartment features an open kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a [...]

Get Inspired from Twilight New Moon House

TWILIGHT NEW MOON HOUSE is the next movie based inspiration for your home design before was Iron Man House and Twilight house. Twilight new moon is the next sequel of twilight saga, and this time the old Twilight House will be changed to new one, the Twilight New Moon House. If we view colsely there [...]

Contemporary Modern Small Home for Single Family

This small home originally was build in 1939 and now renovated by David Jameson Architect Inc into a contemporary modern small home named Calem-Rubin Residence. The small home was renovated from colonial style home design with brick into a contemporary modern small home for single family. Built on 4,700 square feet, Calem-Rubin residence located on [...]

Simple and Perfect Cozy Duplex Apartment Interior

Unveiling the modern and exclusive environment without any comfort compromises which bring the simple and perfect style in cozy duplex apartment interior. In this cozy duplex apartment interior there was a something wrong, can you see it? yeah..this amazing home is actually located near Barcelona, Spain. Providing simple and perfect place to living but at [...]

Versatile White Bookcase for Home and Office Furniture

This versatile bookcase is a  italian fitting bookcase introduced the new glossy white lacquered finish after the classic black and silver anodized aluminium models. The white bookcase and the other is named Pure White by and the versatile home office furniture expression for residental and commercial purposes.Have a versatile bookcase give a new color [...]

Simple and Clean Style of Modern Small Apartment Interior

In Stockholm’s Stora Nygatan Street there was a beautiful small apartment with 75 sqm space situated on the 4th and last floor of a 1800s building. The small apartment give us a simple and clean interior design ideas with modern style of furniture and other stuff. For small apartment the space for living is the [...]

Nature Based Contemporary Home Design in Maryland

Harkavy residence is a nature based contemporary home design located in Potomac, Maryland, USA. Designed by Robert Gurney. Build on 2,900 square feet areas, this contemporary home design is surrounded by forest. The contemporary home design was reflect from its exterior and interior design. The rules of entrance in this architecture is very unique, based [...]

Luxurious Contemporary City Apartment Interior

Contemporary style is most people choice to design their apartment interior. Touched by little luxury furniture will make this apartment interior looks very gorgeous for people see it. This apartment interior was designed by COEN!, they need to create a harmonious whole apartment. The luxurious apartment is filled by abstract wall paint on entire room. [...]

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