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Miraventos is the name of this beautiful house, built by Eduardo Trigo de Sousa working with ComA from Palmela, Portugal makes this house the only house terraced and surrounded by the natural topography and cork trees without any tilt between the main room. This house looks very beautiful in the show with the establishment of harmony among the living. This house has a basement that is used as a garage and a public restroom. The typical architecture of this house, ie, every geometric shape can flow and is associated with the natural surroundings.

Picture of Beautiful Decor of Natural Contemporary House

Walkpath Natural Contemporary House for Home Design

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Overview Contemporary Winter House Featuring Cozy Warm Interior

Located in the mountain is not a problem to made an awesome contemporary winter house which featuring cozy and warm interior decorations of mountain house style. Most people wish to own the perfect winter house in a large city, but they wrong take a look at this house we can saw the beautiful panorama and fresh air in mountain and when a house built there it was the perfect places. Winter house must be warm for the owner, this contemporary home offers that much with awesome wooden interior for cozy living like Peaceful Waterfront Green Home Surrounded by Trees.

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The coastal house is designed in modern style and is both a quaint coastal cottage and a chic isle villa.The rooftop lap pool to take in the views to the east and south. Designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. It’s nestles in the interstices between waterfront and road along a narrow site on the northern coast of Jupiter Island, Florida.  Whether viewed above or below, the compelling gesture of the pool provides a visual and visceral link to the thin wavering line of twilight at dusk, or the vast cerulean midday expanse.

The houses are divided into three zones: a space, room to entertain, and a contemplative life. Each segment light-sensitive and oriented to capture images. Fry Glass Ceramic kitchen and dining rooms provide and play with the look of the room facing south, enjoy two floors. Faced with the texture defines the north side of the house of wisdom stones bear, former own sensitivity to the morning light diinfus intimate space along its smooth and quiet. Swimming in the neck to admire the views to the east and south. What you see up or down, the movement has attracted the pool offers a link to a visual and visceral fear that a thin line in the twilight, or the vast expanse of blue sky in the afternoon. During the day, blue skies and cold water delivered has become a living space with a skylight built into the pool level. Interaction of light and shadow to revitalize the space below. Located on the beach, the house has direct access to water, proximity to strengthen the relationship with the site and the spontaneity of island life.

Take a Look at the Picture.

Design Decoration contemporary coastal house yellow lamp for Home Design

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Backyard Nature Based Contemporary Home Result of 80's House Renovation

David Guerra a Brazilian architect was renovated a 1980 house with very carefully become an awesome contemporary home that bring nature into the exterior and interior design. The other Sustainable Modern Home with Green Concept in Los Angeles is another contemporary home ideas that embed with modern style and green garden concept. The main goal of the architect of this contemporary home is he wants to make the exterior and interior integration bigger, making the garden is used every day, more lighting to the rooms that used to be too dark.

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Near Peacefully Tea House on a Small Garden

This traditional tea house was named Hat Tea House and was created by A1 Architects in Ostrova, Czech Republic. There is no modernism in this tea house, all is traditional hand made. Surrounded by natural ecosystem on a small garden, there is tea room inside this tea house. This is not a unique house design, but its a real traditional design with garden park style. The garden was small enough just with 1,80 square meters and stand on a peacfully garden. The exterior design on with this design was very amazing, thats all because of the material choosen.

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