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Overview Modern Semi Open Floor Plan House Apartment by Stadshem

Short views from outside this house like a common house, but its a house apartment with modern semi open floor plan. To make this modern house apartment cozy for living place the designer makes an intriguing entrance for guests to explore all the beautiful rooms of the house. This house apartment is the next house from Stadshem and was built in the late 1940s, but the interior is a modern blend of comfortable furniture pieces and colorful personal items. Like Amazing Full Wooden Based Contemporary Home, this home have a tall trees on the yard.

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Cullen Bella Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Previously we have provided the inspiration of the house used in filming Iron Man and now we will give you inspiration about the house used in filming Twilight, the TWILIGHT HOUSE. Twilight is a film that tells of a vampire who falls in love with a man, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Twilight house was used as the home of the Cullen family in the movie. Unlike in movies, in fact the twilight house was not so creepy twilight. Twilight house created by an architect named Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.

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Front Private Open Space House Design at Secluded Village

Privacy is the main function of this open floor house design. The owner of this house wants a private area to take a rest a while. Very despite close proximity to its neighbours makes this house design exudes an air of secluded village. By utilizing the internal simplicity and openness of the floor plan give this open space house got a fresh air. This house originaly built on 1928 and now its renovated to altering the residence. This architecture design equipped by generous living areas, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool and spa.

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Main Room Small Space Apartment with One Bedroom and Cozy Open Floor

This small space apartment just have 47 square meters of space to present the bright colors, lots of natural light and cozy feeling of living. This small space apartment actually located on third floor of Goteborg’s Linnéstaden neighbourhood in Stockholm. This small space apartment features an open kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, all beautifully designed to capture sunlight and help the inhabitant feel at home. Just like Organic and Classic Style Mixed on Modern Apartment, this apartment mixed of one bedroom and cozy open floor style.

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Modern open floor home with golf course designed by Ras-a. This modern open floor home located on southwestern missouri. The floor designed with modern open floor plan and made by very simple forms and materials. It becomes more transparent from the entrance to the golf course. This modern home is based on many core, the main core containing the entry, dinning, kitchen and living area. The large expanses of glass bring the surrounding landscape inside, which covered by butterfly roof with a countinues ribbon of clerestory windows.

Follow natural grade of the site, the floor level steps down at the living room, further enhancing the dramatic views and light filled volume.

Passive solar design using the building design orientation,operable clerestory windows, high efficient ceiling fans, and proper material choices, helps condition the house naturally in the spring and fall months.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration toilet and bathroom for Home Design

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Victorian Classic Home Interior Design Virtualization

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Modern Home with Luxury Interior and Green Park

When people looking for some ideas to design their home on a modern home style, we got some ideas to give to them. This is a modern home with excellent interior and green park in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The common modern homes just give the modern home design only, but this mid-century modern home [...]

Get Inspired from Royal Wedding Decor Event

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Get Inspired from Tron the Movie Home Interior

Remember home interior on Tron the movie. Now its become reality, Dupont a science based products and services company has collaborate with Disney for the Milan Design Week 2011 and they will presented a inspiration that realize interiors of Tron the movie. Many of designer was joined to realize this awesome future home interior. Such [...]

Best Bar Like Home Designs to Your Inspirations

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Contemporary Villa with Natural Style on Tropical Area

Tropical area is one of the most place which people like to take a holidays, this contemporary villa was designed on a tropic countries specially created for the rest and relaxation. This torpical contemporary villa called Casas del Sol. Hot climate is its intresting and specially offers to visitor who come to this contemporary villa. [...]

Awesome Modern Beach Residence in Miami

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Modern Family Apartment with Latest Interior Decor in Melbourne

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2nd Week of February 2011

This 2nd week of february 2011 bring some ideas for who will decorate it’s own home with romance decorations.

Artistic and Cheap Basement Walls Decor

This basement art project was started by Charlie Kratzer in south Lexington. Surrounded by walls painted with classic cream. He drawn a lot of famous art pieces and bought magic maker with Sharpie only for $10 and after the place become drawn all over.

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