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Jade Mountain Resort Featuring Infinity Private Pool

Posted by admin On April - 23 - 2011

Overview Jade Mountain Resort Featuring Infinity Private Pool

For people who like swimming at the private pool on their vacation mountain resort, this place was the perfect one to enjoy your whole vacation day featuring with infinity private pool which mean each room does have a single pool. This mountain resort is located in St. Lucia, called Jade Mountain Resort. This resort place maybe can be your inspiration to choose the right place to take a vacation. Like Superb Resort Like Riverside Modern Apartment in Brisbane, this resort is side by side with large water can but its a lake not a river.

Jade Mountain Resort is a cornucopia of organic architecture »

Delightful Fragrant Restaurant Interior of Jardin De Jade

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2011

Large Table Delightful Fragrant Restaurant Interior of Jardin de Jade

Awesome delightful fragrant restaurant interior place was discovered in heart of a new zone in Hangzhou, China. This delightful fragrant restaurant interior was designed in the concept of “Sweet Osmanthus” (Guihao). Decoration of small simple pattern flower with a delightful fragrant that symbolize a breezy, young and vivacious personality in use to attract the interest of younger group of people. The delightful fragrant restaurant interior was made with sparkling wall decoration concept which bring lighting effects on the hagging lamp.

Delightful fragrant restaurant interior is the main concept »

Spring and Summer Living Room by Roche Bobois

Posted by admin On February - 27 - 2011

This spring and summer living room is presented to you by Roche Bobois. Roche Bobois is a french furniture company that has released its design from 2009 until now. They design spring and summer living room for who lives on small village, metropolitan, mountain view or on a garden. After winter gone and spring come roche bobois started their works and finished on summer which reflect the season.

To be contemporary is to live with the times and feel at home in an ever changing world. And there is no better way to feel comfortable than to open up to the aspirations, dreams and doubts that shape the world you live in. Architects, designers and craftsmen give shape to these influences. Our Les Contemporains Collection strives to take you home to the modern world.

Take a Look at the picture.

Design Decoration Village Spring and Summer Living Room for Home Design

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Luxury Villa with Gold Color Dominated in Spanish Coast

Posted by admin On April - 10 - 2011

Overview Luxury Villa with Gold Color Dominated in Spanish Coast

A luxury villa was built on beautiful Spanish coast which embedded with gold color and the true value of modern luxurious design. But thats all is not gold which dosen’t apply to this luxury villa which called Villa Colani on Spanish island of Majorca. This luxury villa was truely inspired by famous designer Luigi Colani, and now was classified on eBay for $28 million as luxury villa for sale, after finished in 2009. This was a very luxurious and comfort villa which built on landspace about 1,230 square feet with 24 carat gold used in the swimming pool and house. A remote that controlled every appliance, curtains and security system of the home with the swarovski crystal panels in the select colani door.

Gold interiors of luxury villa is very awesome ideas »

Contemporary Winter House Featuring Cozy Warm Interior

Posted by admin On May - 4 - 2011

Overview Contemporary Winter House Featuring Cozy Warm Interior

Located in the mountain is not a problem to made an awesome contemporary winter house which featuring cozy and warm interior decorations of mountain house style. Most people wish to own the perfect winter house in a large city, but they wrong take a look at this house we can saw the beautiful panorama and fresh air in mountain and when a house built there it was the perfect places. Winter house must be warm for the owner, this contemporary home offers that much with awesome wooden interior for cozy living like Peaceful Waterfront Green Home Surrounded by Trees.

Winter house of contemporary warm and cozy at same time »

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