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Did you ever imagine having a luxury mansion overlooking the beautiful sea? surely some of you have ever imagined. Now we will present a luxury mansion designed by Wallace E. At a glance when we see this is not a mansion, but a 5 star hotel beside the beach. Very pretty look of the overall architecture of the building, where at night the lights will shine with the beauty of this luxury mansion.

Beautiful Sea Views Attached into Luxury Mansion.

Beautiful sea views is another attraction of this luxury mansion in addition to the beauty of architecture and building design. Built with an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, this luxury mansion to see the beautiful sea perfectly. Equipped with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, fabulous two level guest house and private access to Black’s beach.

Exterior of This Luxury Mansion.

Cutting edge swimming pool in hills. Awesome mansion !!

Sunset Luxury Mansion Exterior for Home Design

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Overview Wood Interior and Exterior of Sustainable Home in California

Must see sustainable home with wooden interior and exterior is presents to you by San Francisco-based SB Architects. The perfect design was offers by this sustainable home which located in california. This sustainable home actually located in a hillside on california with a simple name that expresses both the natural surroundings and natural materials used for construction. Amazing Full Wooden Based Contemporary Home is one of the basic design of like this home. The sustainable home building is certified as the first LEED for Homes Platinum custom home in Marin County.

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Overview Interior Exterior of Small Cube Home in Japan

Today the one of the most unique home design, the small cube home we presents to our reader. This small cube home are consisting of an combine from interior and exterior design. The interior and exterior of this small cube home have a relationship as a proposal of architecture of a new relationship between internal and external. The site of this small cube home was very not irregular shape as common house, the planar shapes of the rooms in the two cubes of “inside house” and “outside house” are irregular shapes. Like Clean Nature Based Winter Sport Resort by RYRA which adapted igloo house plans.

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Overview Beautiful Contemporary Home with Modern Architecture

Build on a beautiful panorama of San Francisco, California, there was a contemporary home with modern architecture named Potrero House. Designed by Cary Bernstein Architect, this home designs was freakly amazing on a garden with flora surrounded. This contemporary home plans was transformed from an old cottage on a triple-wide lot into a magnificent contemporary architecture which surrounded by lush vegetation flora. The contemporary home style have many features, one of it is the spaces that tell the story of the inhabitant’s transition from bachelor to father of three.

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Dawn Exterior Contemporary Home with Stylish Sharp Shape Models

After the last day there is a sharp shape apartment interior design, today we found there was a contemporary home with stylish sharp shape models too. This contemporary home was a lots of personality, both inside and outside. This contemporary home is designed by Omer Arbel, one of his masterpiece and called the 23.2 House. Located on just outside Vancouver, Canada, this home designs was built in a rural landscape. This contemporary house plans was made by very instresting story, the story began on 100 years old Douglas Fir beams which reclaimed from different burned down warehouses.

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Contemporary Modern Family Home by Stadshem

This family home was a nicely renovated four in the heart of royal farm in Sweden. This home is one of the best family home ever seen with contemporary interior decoration. For family which live in this home they must very attracted with the decoration of this family home. Like Beatiful Top Modern Cocktail Apartment [...]

Bleu Nature Spring and Summer Nature Tables Chairs

Bleu Nature a french furniture design company designed SAA collection spring and summer tables chairs with nature inspiration.

Stylish Scandinavian Contemporary Home in Malmo

Living Room Stylish Scandinavian Contemporary Home in Malmo Contemporary home is one of the best of home design, because it timeless and seasonless design. This scandinavian contemporary home built on stylish style which can be apply on any other common home design. This contemporary home located in Malmo, Sweden and its not as common scandinavian [...]

Nature Based Contemporary Home Design in Maryland

Harkavy residence is a nature based contemporary home design located in Potomac, Maryland, USA. Designed by Robert Gurney. Build on 2,900 square feet areas, this contemporary home design is surrounded by forest. The contemporary home design was reflect from its exterior and interior design. The rules of entrance in this architecture is very unique, based [...]

Luxury Wood and Stone Based Spring Home

Luxury wood and stone based spring home is one of the best choice to design and decor our home. Luxury wood and stone based spring home below inspired us how to design and modeling a spring home.

Contemporary Modern Small Home for Single Family

This small home originally was build in 1939 and now renovated by David Jameson Architect Inc into a contemporary modern small home named Calem-Rubin Residence. The small home was renovated from colonial style home design with brick into a contemporary modern small home for single family. Built on 4,700 square feet, Calem-Rubin residence located on [...]

Google Office at Pittsburgh Is a Old Biscuit Factory

A old biscuit factory has recycled magically into a google office by Strada in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State, US. The design of Google’s Pittsburgh office resulted from a process that focused on clearly understanding and identifying the unique workplace culture and needs of the local Googlers.

Get Inspired from Iron Man House

IRON MAN HOUSE is this week inspiration from the best box office movies for your home design ideas. And the first is a house of the sequel of Iron Man which was designed in early 2007. In iron man house design built on a seaside cliff, Iron Man House looks very fancy. Houses of [...]

Unconventional Space Visualization for Office Design

Not like other office design, this unconventional office have space did not usually for other office design. This unconventional space office design was visualizing by russian designer Stanislav Orekhov, people maybe know his have an exceptional CG visualization skill in life like environment rendering. Based on another office design, the difference of this design was [...]

Contemporary Interior of Modern City Residence

This modern city residence is maybe a awesome apartment or an super cool home with contemporary interior which located on a city. For people who like the taste of contemporary interior on its modern home, this interior ideas may fulfill their wants. The contemporary interior is the main concept in this modern city residence, which [...]

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