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Casa Codina is a modern house which is equipped with a large central courtyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Created by A4studio casa codina a reforestation project that can optimize the weather conditions. This house was built on a large central courtyard, where the main rooms open to a large plant. The area to the public more to the north, private spaces to the area east and west service. Everything in the house are made from the viewpoint of natural ventilation for air movement smoothly, because the hot climate in Argentina. Entire houses are built with concrete, wood, aluminum and different boards. Normal wood, it is called guatambu.

Pictures of Casa Codina Mendoza Modern Home with Courtyard

Overview Modern Home with Courtyard for Home Design

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All Victorian Modern Kitchen with Contemporary Interior

Modern kitchen is one of favorite style to apply on our own kitchen. This kitchen is done in modern kitchen Victorian style. But we don’t know who is the designer of this modern kitchen. The designer of this kitchen was bring a modern customized kitchen set into a contemporary kitchen interior with perfectly beautiful. The kitchen set design is looks really like an old one, but with a lot of modern details. The Contemporary Wooden Table with Spiral Footer is the perfect match if placed on dinning room after cooking on this kitchen.

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Daylight Modern House with a Yard

Casa 3S this modern house was named, located on austria between another modern houses there. This modern house was designed as eco friendly house which can we see at lots of glasses wall used on this house design. That is one of many architecture design type to blend the natural ecosystem that surrounded this modern architecture. The house plans to make this modern house included into natural between it. This modern home plans saw to us to save the earth by keep around the nature for better future living.

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Road View Hemeroscopium a Unusual Modern Home Design

This hemeroscopium house is a unusual modern home design. Designed by Ensamble Studios, this unusual modern home push the limit of home designing. When people design a home with contemporary design style, this modern home did not follow that line, it makes new line of home design which unusual for common home designer. This modern homes build from three giant concret I-beams, two concret of irigation canal with two steel grider. Anchored by 20-ton granite slab make this home design very unusual with the other. The cannal water is right top of the swimming pool and living room of this modern home.

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Gorki House a Moscow Unfolding Modern Home

Unfolding modern home which integrated in a beautiful natural environment atop of a hill west of Moscow, Gorki House was designed by Atrium. The architects of this unfolding modern home were commissioned to design a contemporary residence for a young couple and their kid. This unfolding modern home has maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding pine forest landscape. Generous windows and a large number of terraces makes well connection with the outdoors as the top feature of this building.

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Famous Soft Pink Girls Bedroom

There is many color in the world, but the soft pink is the most famous color for girls. Therefore we pick some soft pink color bedroom design to give learn how famous is soft pink girl bedroom. Previosly we pick impressive colorfull teen room and now time for pink color describe. Pink color is timeless theme for girls bedrooms.

Teenage Room Decor with High Interesting Details

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Californian Luxury Home with Lot of Features in Los Angeles

Luxury home is all people dreams to live on it, for some people who have much money to buy this awesome Californian real estate is no problems to realize it. The main material of this luxury home is based from concrete, glass and stainless steel, this special featured estates is located at 9909 Beverly Groove, [...]

The Beautiful Sea Views to Luxury Mansion

Now we will present a luxury mansion designed by Wallace E. At a glance when we see this is not a mansion, but a 5 star hotel beside the beach.

Inspired Stunning Modern Beach Home As Relaxing Place

Not as usual beach home, this modern beach home is designed in stunning ideas of home side by side with beach from its designer with relaxing place surrounded made comfy place to take a rest. This modern beach home is not a problem when the outdoor panorama come inside the home, because that all the [...]

Holidays Cottage with Beautiful Garden and Lake Surrounded

Most people on holiday like to search their place to take a rest after got worked for some times, there is a holidays cottage with beautiful garden and lake surrounded. When Natural Contemporary Home at City with Green Garden built on another place this holidays cottage may looks same as that. The both living space [...]

Get Inspired from James Bond Movie Stage

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Paris Historical Building Turned into Modern Home

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The Most Amazing Floating Staircase Designs

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