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Daylight Modern House with a Yard

Casa 3S this modern house was named, located on austria between another modern houses there. This modern house was designed as eco friendly house which can we see at lots of glasses wall used on this house design. That is one of many architecture design type to blend the natural ecosystem that surrounded this modern architecture. The house plans to make this modern house included into natural between it. This modern home plans saw to us to save the earth by keep around the nature for better future living.

Modern house interior is not hurt our earth anymore »

Gorki House a Moscow Unfolding Modern Home

Unfolding modern home which integrated in a beautiful natural environment atop of a hill west of Moscow, Gorki House was designed by Atrium. The architects of this unfolding modern home were commissioned to design a contemporary residence for a young couple and their kid. This unfolding modern home has maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding pine forest landscape. Generous windows and a large number of terraces makes well connection with the outdoors as the top feature of this building.

Gradually unfolding modern home appealing game of volumes »

Overview Weekend Modern House with Unusual Architecture Style

This modern house was made for two families, built by YH2 named La Cornette located on Québec, Canada. The exterior of this architecture was unusual as common house. Usually the family owner the unique house come there every weekend and once more its not a usual modern house to take holiday on weekend. The geometry is the main ideas to play by its architect, its mean they played the geometry to attract attention and the managed to do it in the best way. The house design definitely wouldn’t look surrounding with harmony but the owners didn’t want it.

Unusual thing that apply on this modern house »

Hidden TV Clean and Comfort 3D Modern House Interior Architecture

This 3D house architecture was designed by Marc Canut who specializes on 3D modern house design render. Clean and comfort house design was presented with this design, with natural color and white as base color. The other is clean and comfort interior design of this modern house interior was specializes for people like their home look like modern home but without making any striking design. By this clean and comfort 3d modern house interior architecture, Marc Canut want to bring the interior of the house by using computer graphics are very impressive and he has more command of light and form is very much on display in these pictures. With open architecture, designer chairs and tasteful minimalism.

Clean and comfort displayed on 3D architectural render »

Overview Modern Semi Open Floor Plan House Apartment by Stadshem

Short views from outside this house like a common house, but its a house apartment with modern semi open floor plan. To make this modern house apartment cozy for living place the designer makes an intriguing entrance for guests to explore all the beautiful rooms of the house. This house apartment is the next house from Stadshem and was built in the late 1940s, but the interior is a modern blend of comfortable furniture pieces and colorful personal items. Like Amazing Full Wooden Based Contemporary Home, this home have a tall trees on the yard.

Maximize the semi open floor house apartment plans »

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Clean Nature Based Winter Sport Resort by RYRA

Winter sports in one of the famous sport branch in the world and now we give a inspiration for winter sport resort. The clean and nature based style was build this winter sport resort. Designed by RYRA Studio, they make a comfort place like this winter sport resort to take a rest after sporting whole [...]

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Bleu Nature Spring and Summer Nature Tables Chairs

Bleu Nature a french furniture design company designed SAA collection spring and summer tables chairs with nature inspiration.

Sustainable Modern Home with Green Concept in Los Angeles

XTEN Architecture presents this sustainable modern home called The Sapphire Gallery located in Los Angeles, California. There is another Hemeroscopium a Unusual Modern Home Design which equivalent with this modern home. But this modern home did not used a unique design, its used the basic contemporary and sustainable with green concept. Owner of this green [...]

Apartment Interior with Colors of Traditional Scandinavian

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Inspired Stunning Modern Beach Home As Relaxing Place

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Luxurious Interior and Furniture of Seaside Apartment

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Alluring Decors Apartment Interior in Stockholm

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Natural Contemporary Home at City with Green Garden

What an gorgeous green contemporary home with wooden interior design was presented by Canadian architect Paul Bernier. He makes this home designs looks very fantastic clean with natural style, green garden and wooden interior and exterior design. This contemporary home was located on a city not in a village as our tought. Real location is [...]

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