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Casa Codina is a modern house which is equipped with a large central courtyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Created by A4studio casa codina a reforestation project that can optimize the weather conditions. This house was built on a large central courtyard, where the main rooms open to a large plant. The area to the public more to the north, private spaces to the area east and west service. Everything in the house are made from the viewpoint of natural ventilation for air movement smoothly, because the hot climate in Argentina. Entire houses are built with concrete, wood, aluminum and different boards. Normal wood, it is called guatambu.

Pictures of Casa Codina Mendoza Modern Home with Courtyard

Overview Modern Home with Courtyard for Home Design

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Daylight Modern House with a Yard

Casa 3S this modern house was named, located on austria between another modern houses there. This modern house was designed as eco friendly house which can we see at lots of glasses wall used on this house design. That is one of many architecture design type to blend the natural ecosystem that surrounded this modern architecture. The house plans to make this modern house included into natural between it. This modern home plans saw to us to save the earth by keep around the nature for better future living.

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Overview Contemporary Winter House Featuring Cozy Warm Interior

Located in the mountain is not a problem to made an awesome contemporary winter house which featuring cozy and warm interior decorations of mountain house style. Most people wish to own the perfect winter house in a large city, but they wrong take a look at this house we can saw the beautiful panorama and fresh air in mountain and when a house built there it was the perfect places. Winter house must be warm for the owner, this contemporary home offers that much with awesome wooden interior for cozy living like Peaceful Waterfront Green Home Surrounded by Trees.

Winter house of contemporary warm and cozy at same time »

Huelsta has designs a luxury bedroom with warmer which give us inspirations how to decorate our bedrooms. This luxury bedroom is designs in warm and natural colors which great place to relax and recharge after working a day full. The modernism of Huelsta collections such as bedrooms are great addition to houses decorated in most styles. We spent most of our time in bedrooms with closed eyes, but despite of that waking up in warm decorated bedroom will be better and more refreshing than waking up for most people. Some poeple of course think that huelsta luxury bedroom are more modern and choose them.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration White Luxury Luxury Bedroom with Warmer for Home Design

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Overview Super Space Saving Small and Minimalist Home in Japan

Whats very unique home located in Kasugai, Japan which super space saving and minimalist home design named WBE House. This minimalist home project designed in 2010 by Nagoya based architecture studio AUAU. This minimalist home was very cozy two-story home which built on a narrow lot in an urban high density neighbourhood. This home was very unique same as Hemeroscopium a Unusual Modern Home Design, they use unusual home style. But this home got few contemporary and modern style inside, which can we see from the interior and furniture inside.

Unique minimalist home on a urban neighbourhood »

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Charming Beauty of an Artist Home Interior

This beautiful home interior is owned by Carouschka Streijffert a swedish artist. He built this home by combining different geometry sense to increase the user experience. The design of this home is very clean decoration, with white color dominating the main color. The nature sculptural of the space plays with the observer’s feeling of expectancy. [...]

Awesome Apartment Building with Protruding Balconies

Awesome apartment building attached with protruding balconies looks very impressive stands on a riverside on the metropolis city. LOVE Architecture and Urbanism was built and design this apartment building, they called it The Baufeld 10 which located in Hamburg, Germany. The apartment construction was very beautiful with white color as main color, large main windows [...]

Interior Design of Modern Office Systems in Netherlands

ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) modern office systems interior design was developed in collaboration of Design agency Concern and de Architekten Cie, located on Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The architects says this office systems has give a modern presence. The modern presence of the office systems is the facade reminiscent of waving fields of [...]

Aesthetics and Comfortable Apartment Interior in Stockholm

Aesthetics and comfortable is two important things to apply at our own apartment with that concept in first time we must decided to share about apartment interior for that concept. The apartment interior design with aesthetics and comfortable design was turn into impressive design ideas. This impressive apartment interior design was actually designed by Ulf [...]

Inner City Living Beautiful Private Modern Home

When people thinking about inner city living they must has never looked so good at it. But today we presents one of the best modern home designs in a inner city living with its beautiful panorama and entertaining spaces. Modern home is usually offers the owner with lots of easily features, this next Brisbane architectural [...]

Beatiful Top Modern Cocktail Apartment by Stadshem

One of the most beautiful apartment interior concept is bring by Stadshem with modern cocktail apartment ideas, they presents a fresh cocktail apartment with high ceilings and patio. This modern cocktail apartment building is located in Sweden which its designer come from. Exciting and bright accommodation with high ceilings and open floor plan. The association [...]

Aircraft Office Interior Inspiration in India

Kamat & Rozario Architecture a highly original office interior designer located in Bangladore, India was design an awesome aircraft style into office interior. The client of this aircraft office is Ananya Technologies, this is an experiment using atypical materials to decorate the interiors. Ananya Technologies is a corporate office which manufactures miniature electronic parts for [...]

Pirate Ship Bedroom Design Ideas by Steve Kuhl

Pirate Ship Bedroom Design was designed by Steve Kuhl. This bedroom design ideas inspired from amazing pirates ship and decor makes dream come true for pirates enthusiasts. Pirate ship bedroom design ideas was very intresting for our kids, they must very happy if have a bedroom design ideas like this unique bedroom design. Most people [...]

Peacefully Tea House on a Small Garden

This traditional tea house was named Hat Tea House and was created by A1 Architects in Ostrova, Czech Republic. There is no modernism in this tea house, all is traditional hand made. Surrounded by natural ecosystem on a small garden, there is tea room inside this tea house. This is not a unique house design, [...]

Inspiring Renovated Vineyard Country Home in California

After writing another Vineyard Modeling in Portugal Luxury Villas we presents another vineyard design in country home models. This beautiful vineyard country home is located on St. Helena, California. This country home is not a new one, its a redesigned or renovated from the old country home become the new one. Has redesigned by Schneider [...]

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