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MisuraEmme is a italian furniture designer and was design a living room with modern style. Generally most of these incorporate a modern style of living though there is a definite hint of retro-futurism and even the art deco elements in some of them. Minimalism is not too much of an emphasis here you feel considering the highly conspicuous lighting and the ample storage options that are built in. They have put up some gorgeous images of their furniture in their site.

When we look at the design there is full filled by white as primary color meets another secondary color. The modern side can we see from grid based design luxury lamp, furniture and electronics devices. The white color is sparked more intensive light from the lamp.

Take a Look at The Picture.

Design Decoration White Timber Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Design Decoration White Taupe Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Design Decoration White Striking Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Design Decoration White Sleek Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Design Decoration White Red Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Design Decoration White Modular Modern Style Living Rooms for Home Design

Meedo and Andrey Zyomko has design a modern classy living room with two complately different concept and ideas which bringing their own country style. Meedo as Polish design group and Andrey as Russian based designer. But both of them lay generous emphasis on pictures, wall art and fancy lightning. Which make our living room more different from other. Also some good ideas for short space living rooms.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration Window Modern Classy Living Room for Home Design

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Stripped Mixed of Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor

There is many of modern or traditional living room decor in the world. But Kristen Panitch Design, a small design firm based on Los Angeles which founded 20 years ago bring some of they ideas to mix the traditional and modern living room decoration. They decorating the classic living room with modern style as they said on the goal to focus on bringing modern flair to classic design and creating home that reflects and evolves their clients dreams, tastes, passions, and lifestyle of living room decor. The unusual and bohemian is the main details that added to their design projects.

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Inner City Living Beautiful Private Modern Home

When people thinking about inner city living they must has never looked so good at it. But today we presents one of the best modern home designs in a inner city living with its beautiful panorama and entertaining spaces. Modern home is usually offers the owner with lots of easily features, this next Brisbane architectural masterpiece shows off its fantastic features. By marged of outside and inside spaces, the modern home creates a balanced background for a modern family lifestyle. Fully featured with private sections from bedrooms and bathrooms offer comfortable accommodations that take up as little space as possible without looking crowded.

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Space saving with modern small home is one solution to reduce space used for build a modern home. This space saving with modern small home design was designed by Consexto architects. The home style like modern one which include with modern electronics device such as Flat LED TV on entertainment room. The design is very small space because the name is space saving. The lightning of this home using colorfull light for sparking wood and ceramics decoration.

Take a look at the picture.

Design Decoration White Clean Small Space Living for Home Design

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Organic and Classic Style Mixed on Modern Apartment

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Deep Inside Hilton Hotel at Pattaya, Thailand

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Very Instresting Library Building Construction in Canada

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