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Grand White Unconventional Space Visualization for Office Design

Not like other office design, this unconventional office have space did not usually for other office design. This unconventional space office design was visualizing by russian designer Stanislav Orekhov, people maybe know his have an exceptional CG visualization skill in life like environment rendering. Based on another office design, the difference of this design was on space used and the furniture. Space is not a problem maybe because on picture there all office is using very large of space and stuff it with modern luxury furniture. The chair, desk and other is not as conventional office, they give this office space a awesome furniture.

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Receptional Office Interiors of Internet Telephony Application Skype’s

One of the famous Internets telephony application Skype’s bring one of its office interiors to public. Skype north american headquarters which set themselves side by side with their opponent’s in the Bay area, Palo Alto California. When the office interiors project is began and planning, there was discovered about the site had more to contribute than was originally thought. The site was very friendly for with industrial style design, with the hidden high ceilings that can increasing the scope for inventiveness. This office interiors is not like the Google Office at Pittsburgh which used a old biscuit factory to rebuild their office.

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Exterior Interior Design of Modern Office Systems in Netherlands

ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) modern office systems interior design was developed in collaboration of Design agency Concern and de Architekten Cie, located on Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The architects says this office systems has give a modern presence. The modern presence of the office systems is the facade reminiscent of waving fields of grain and barns, representative office building, whilst at the same time being a state-of-the-art, an embassy for agriculture with a clubhouse atmosphere. The Office Interiors of Internet Telephony Application Skype’s is the another modern interior design.

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A old biscuit factory has recycled magically into a google office by Strada in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State, US. The design of Google’s Pittsburgh office resulted from a process that focused on clearly understanding and identifying the unique workplace culture and needs of the local Googlers. Strada conducted extensive research on how the average Googler perceives his office while coming up with the redesign. Assigned with the task of breathing Googleness into a space that had little to do with technology (or people for that matter).

Take a Look at the Picture.

Design Decoration Workplace Google Office at Pittsburgh for Home Design

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Ananya Aircraft Office Interior Inspiration in India

Kamat & Rozario Architecture a highly original office interior designer located in Bangladore, India was design an awesome aircraft style into office interior. The client of this aircraft office is Ananya Technologies, this is an experiment using atypical materials to decorate the interiors. Ananya Technologies is a corporate office which manufactures miniature electronic parts for defense aircrafts. The products of Ananya Techologies is the main inspirations to decor this office space and workstations. The space was inspiring by circuit board which was the primary products of this corporate. The colorful pipe is the reflection of circuit board line on the products.

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Colorful Interior for Wooden Based Contemporary Home

Usually wooden based contemporary home have an indefinable charm from its beauty of nature design. And today this colorful interior was bring into a wooden based contemporary home which split into two level home. From the showcase of this wooden based contemporary home can we seen the home is rehabilitated by Jaoquin Diaz while respecting the [...]

Majestic Luxury Home with Six Bedroom in Australia

This majestic luxury home was named The Albatross Residence and was designed by Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects) and is located in Queensland, Australia. This luxury home featured by six real estate class bedroom. The luxury home design is adapted from castle design which bring privacy to owner of home. Like Interesting Interior of [...]

Space Ship Design of a Modern Apartment Interior

Space ships is one of the impressive design from Mikhail and Elena Miroshkin from Geometrix design. Actually developed in futuristic modern apartment interior in Moscow. This modern apartment interior project was named Fastastic Island which bring the fantastic concept of space ship into modern apartment interior. This interior design was dominated with dark and bright [...]

Charming Beauty of an Artist Home Interior

This beautiful home interior is owned by Carouschka Streijffert a swedish artist. He built this home by combining different geometry sense to increase the user experience. The design of this home is very clean decoration, with white color dominating the main color. The nature sculptural of the space plays with the observer’s feeling of expectancy. [...]

Royal Wedding Interior Based on Crowns and Coronets

Graham & Brown comes bring royal wedding interior design based on crowns and coronets patterns which mean its celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding. If you mean to decorating your own home looks like royal wedding interior you must try this interior pattern which really impressive like Prince Wiliams and Kate Middeltons wedding party. This royal [...]

Retro Interior of Space Saving Small Apartment in Minisk

Architects Irina and Anna Sokolov was designed a retro style interior in a small apartment with space saving technique effectively. Small apartment was not a problem by this cools designer duets, they markup a small apartment of 70 square meters become a retro style with beautiful interior inside. Actually located in Minisk, Russia this retro [...]

Contemporary Home with Clean and Simple Style in Australia

In australia specially in melbourne there is a contemporary home which designed with clean and simple style but very instresing to view the designs. This contemporary home called the Prahran House, exact location on melbourne australia and was designed by Nervegna Reed in collaboration with PH Architects. This is not a apartment design, but looks [...]

Aesthetics and Comfortable Apartment Interior in Stockholm

Aesthetics and comfortable is two important things to apply at our own apartment with that concept in first time we must decided to share about apartment interior for that concept. The apartment interior design with aesthetics and comfortable design was turn into impressive design ideas. This impressive apartment interior design was actually designed by Ulf [...]

Beautiful and Comfort SPA Interior Design in Istanbul

One of famous hotel in Istanbul Turkey, The EDITION hotel have a spa named ESPA spa which much anticipated with its spa interior design that have done by Hirsch Bedner Associates’ (HBA). The beautiful spa interior design was inspired by largely by Turkish traditions, with design elements that echo the Hammam customs and atmospheric elements [...]

Collection of Unconventional Workspace Inspiration

Simple Collection of Unconventional Workspace Inspiration This is some of Internet collection of unconventional workspace inspiration which can inspire us how to design and decor our own unconventional workspace.  This unconventional workspace we found across the Internet, we looking for some good stuff to present to our reader. The designer of this  office workspace was [...]

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