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Space is a scourge for us if you want to have a modern kitchen appliance. But now has many modern kitchen appliance that does not need to use a lot of space. Let alone for an apartment space is paramount at the time of the design phase, in which the area is not as spacious apartment homes in general. Because this is what we try to provide suggestions for those of you who have limited space and want to add a modern kitchen appliance in your kitchen.

Not all modern kitchen appliance use space with sufficiently.

Sometimes it is not all modern kitchen appliance using sufficient space. Even some kitchen appliance use should be placed where a more useful tool for the kitchen. For that some well-known designers to create highly-efficient kitchen appliance space.

Designer who care about space saving kitchen appliance.

Quite a lot of designers who understand that the use of space is essential for them when making product design. Some of them are designers from Germany, Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt, Circle Kitchen, Robert Schierjott and Ulrich Kohl of Carre, Farziska Winter, Katrin Sillmann and Ulrike Sandner, Fendi Casa, Stewart and Justin, Christopher Meyer and Vicki Muller, Albrecht Seeger and Martin Klinke, Klaus Michel, Lodovico Bernardi.

Design Pictures of Space Saving Modern Kitchen Appliance.

This small modular kitchen appliance is created by German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt. The kitchen occupies only one square meter when closed and can serve as a dining table at this state. Although there are an induction cooktop, a refrigerator, an oven and a storage space for different kitchen tools and tableware.

small modular kitchen appliance for Home Design

Stewart & Justin Case is mobile unit that combines all the essential elements of kitchen into one compact design created by Maria Lobisch and Andreas Näther. The unit affords many possible configurations equipped with sink, drying rack, shelving system, and a dining table for four.

mobile kitchen appliance for Home Design

Kleine Kuche is designed by Christopher Meyer and Vicky Muller. It integrates all the necessary elements of a culinary space into one piece of furniture. Small items such as food, bowls, and pots can be easily hide within the side silicon panels of the kitchen unit. It also can be transformed into a kitchen table.

kleine kuche kitchen appliance for Home Design

Rubika, is a kitchen unit concept designed by Lodovico Bernardi. It’s a kitchen furniture which can satisfy all people needs and at the same time occupy a minimum of space.

kitchen unit kitchen appliance for Home Design

Kitchen Studio by Fendi Casa is a compact and very luxury in the same time. Kitchen Studio’s length is only 246 cm but there are all necessary appliances integrated.

kitchen studio kitchen appliance for Home Design

Grandma’s Revenge is a concept kitchen from Klaus Michel. It is a new interpretation of a good old kitchen dresser. Grandma’s revenge is both a kitchen and a dining room, all in only 4 square meters. When closed, it portrays two dimensional view in a dining room scene. The outlines show a table, two chairs and a lamp in a minimalistic way.

grandma kitchen appliance for Home Design

Circle® Kitchen from Compact Concepts is ideal for small spaces. It occupies 1.8 square meter of space and features all characteristics of usual kitchen. The kitchen is fully circular, rotating a full 180 degrees and incorporate everything from kitchen sink and dishes to microwave and dishwasher.

compact concept kitchen appliance for Home Design

Come together is a collapsible kitchen unit designed by Albrecht Seeger and Martin Klinke. It has everything necessary for cooking and could be used with up to three guests as a serving counter.

come together kitchen appliance for Home Design

Carre is designed by Robert Schierjott and Ulrich Kohl. This kitchen allows to customize a culinary space for customer’s needs. It taking up a surface are of 1 square meter with two modules that can transform from a compact cube into a spacious cooking area in six different configurations. The kitchen includes a gas port, a kitchen sink, a counter for cooking preparation and a storage space.

carre kitchen appliance for Home Design

The 360 degrees kitchen is designed by Farziska Winter, Katrin Sillmann and Ulrike Sandner. It is a flexible mobile kitchen unit with different areas for cooking, eating and cleanup. ?he tower which provides users with storage shelves can be rotated 360 degrees.

360 degree kitchen appliance for Home Design

kitchen appliance via digsdigs

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