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Cullen Bella Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Previously we have provided the inspiration of the house used in filming Iron Man and now we will give you inspiration about the house used in filming Twilight, the TWILIGHT HOUSE. Twilight is a film that tells of a vampire who falls in love with a man, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Twilight house was used as the home of the Cullen family in the movie. Unlike in movies, in fact the twilight house was not so creepy twilight. Twilight house created by an architect named Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.

Hoke’s House is the real name of this Twilight House.

Yes once, the original name of the house used as a twilight house is Hoke’s House. Built a fairly quiet area and surrounded by trees make this twilight house is perfect as the Cullen family home in this film acts as a family of vampires. But not as we imagine, the twilight house that seemed far from human life is proved to have beautiful architecture. With just utilizing land that is not too spacious designer house is very good at arranging and prefers type of building materials.

Forest became the main scene twilight house.

Surrounded by forest is the main views of this twilight house. If we look carefully, this house like the house in a forest but it has paved road access. Before knowing how the original design of the twilight house we must imagine this house is located in a forest far from human life.

Pictures of Twilight House.

Hoke Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Living room Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Sofas Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Dinning Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Bathroom Twilight House for Home Design for Home Design

Twilight House via homedesigning

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  1. Nee says:

    Hi, I love the Cullen’s kitchen the moment I saw it in the movie. I’m planning to build a kitchen cabinet for my new house and planning to get the exact color scheme and probably the material used in Hoke’s House. Mind to tell me the color and material?

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